Restorative Dentistry

Bronx, NY

At Riverdale Dental, P.C., located in Bronx, NY, we understand the importance of a fully functional, healthy smile. Our comprehensive restorative dentistry services are designed to repair and restore your teeth, ensuring they look great and function properly. Our experienced team, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials, is committed to rejuvenating your oral health and enhancing your smile’s natural beauty.

Restorative dentistry is not just about fixing teeth — it’s about restoring comfort, functionality, and confidence. Whether you need a simple filling or more complex dental work, we’re here to provide compassionate, effective treatment. We believe in a patient-centered approach, where your comfort and needs are our top priority. If you’re experiencing dental issues or are unhappy with your smile, we invite you to visit Riverdale Dental, P.C., and discover how our restorative services can help.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a modern solution for repairing cavities and restoring the integrity of decayed teeth. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, composites are tooth-colored and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. These fillings bond directly to the tooth structure, providing strength and durability. Composite fillings restore your teeth and maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a vital procedure for saving a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay or infection. This treatment involves removing the damaged or infected pulp, cleaning the inner chambers of the tooth, and then filling and sealing it to prevent further damage. Our skilled dentists perform root canal therapy with precision and care, ensuring your comfort throughout the process. This procedure alleviates discomfort and preserves your natural tooth, preventing the need for extraction.

Root Canal Retreatment

In some cases, a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy may need to be retreated due to new infections or complications. Root canal retreatment involves reopening the tooth, removing the previous filling materials, cleaning the canals, and then resealing the tooth. Our team at Riverdale Dental, P.C., is experienced in performing these intricate procedures, ensuring the best possible outcome for your oral health.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-made restorations that cover the entire surface of a tooth above the gum line. They are used to restore teeth that are significantly damaged, decayed, or have undergone root canal therapy. Various materials can be used to make crowns, including porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys, which are designed to look and function like your natural teeth. They provide strength, durability, and improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Tooth Extractions

When teeth are too damaged or decayed to be saved, extractions may be necessary. At Riverdale Dental, P.C., we perform both simple and surgical extractions with the utmost care and professionalism. Simple extractions involve removing a tooth visible above the gum line, while surgical extractions are required for teeth broken at the gum line or impacted. Our team ensures your comfort during the procedure and provides comprehensive aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a time-tested solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. The bridge is made up of one or more artificial teeth that are anchored in place by either dental crowns on adjacent teeth or by dental implants. Bridges restore the appearance of your smile and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting, maintaining your bite and jaw alignment.


Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. We offer both complete and partial dentures, depending on your needs. Our dentures are crafted to look natural and provide a comfortable fit, restoring functionality and aesthetics to your smile. They are an excellent option for patients who have lost several or all of their teeth.

Your Journey Towards A Restored Smile

At Riverdale Dental, P.C., we’re committed to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile through our comprehensive restorative dentistry services. Our team takes pride in providing personalized, compassionate care, ensuring your dental needs are met with the utmost precision and comfort. If you’re in need of restorative dental care, we invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment. Let us restore your smile and your confidence with our expert care.

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